My Novels

I’ve had three novels published. I think they’re pretty damn good. I’d be very grateful if you bought a copy of one or all of them.

Indecent Acts – 2014

Indecent Acts

Indecent Acts

Reported entirely by the protagonist, Grace, a semi-illiterate 40-something mother from Drumchapel, one of Glasgow’s most notorious schemes, this is a story soaked in humour and empathy as we follow Grace’s attempts to hold together her precarious, chaotic family life. Grace cares for Sean, her grandson, and Vincent, her son, who wants to join the army. She lives in fear that Francis, her drug-addicted daughter and mother to Sean, will come back and take the boy away.

Indecent Acts is an exploration of real working class life, of family ties and tensions, memory, riotous misadventure and ultimate redemption.

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The Good Death – 2006

The Good Death

The Good Death

Hugh Madden is a mortician who loves his work; indeed he lives to make his ‘sleeping charges’ beautiful. When the body of Kincaid, his old medical professor turns up on his slab, he finds himself recalling his undergraduate years at Glasgow university – in particular his friendship with a dangerously charismatic medical student, and the disquieting circumstances that eventually took him away from medicine and into the mortuary.

Trapped for forty years in an unsatisfactory marriage to a hypochondriac wife, Madden’s carefully ordered life is thrown further into chaos when he sacks his wife’s carer, and her son decides she needs ‘compensation’. With the threat of violence hanging over him, the sudden reappearance of Kincaid, and the discovery of a body in a nearby Loch, Madden finds the long-buried secrets from his past beginning to resurface, and his own dissatisfaction with the present threatens to turn murderous.

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My Name is Denise Forrester – 2005

My Name is Denise Forrester

My Name is Denise Forrester

Denise is a feisty, troublesome, spirited girl with her childhood eating disorder (only white things basically) and her teenage crushes, she is abandoned by her mother and tormented by her sister, hopeless at school but despite all that original and memorable and identifiable.

She’s the archetypal strange child, growing up in Glasgow tenements in the 80s with her indulgent and eccentric grandmother, while her policeman father and strategically ill mother battle it out at home. In to the story of Denise is woven other stories, fictions spun by her grandmother about witches and fallen women, stories of the streets that Denise and her grandmother stalk, together, murder and daily violence forming a disconcerting background to shopping and school.

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